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  • NFPA Community Safety | Fire Protection

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    Our certified team installs fire protection systems for residential, commercial
    and municipal facilities and is equipped to handle any size project.
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    Vermont, New Hampshire and northern New York.
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    Fire Protection Systems

    Fire Sprinklers by Sawyer Sprinkler Service

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    Fire protection systems repair and service

    24 hour emergency response by Sawyer Sprinkler Service

What is backflow?

Backflow is the undesirable reversal flow of water in a pipeline that draws contaminates and pollution into the drinking water system.
Sawyer Sprinkler Service specializes in testing, installing, servicing and repair of all makes & models of backflow assemblies.

  • Fire prevention design

    As a leading fire safety company in Vermont, our design expertise and vast code knowledge will ensure the proper installation and operation of your fire detection, alarm and fire sprinkler, smoke control and special hazard protection systems.
    For more information about Sawyer Sprinkler Services designs.

  • Save On Installation!

    Stand alone units, large complexes, multiple buildings, new construction and remodeling, Sawyer Sprinkler Service's experience will save you money.

  • Superior Fire Protection | Long and short term benefits

    Fire Sprinklers Saves Lives and Money...

    Commercial fire prevention systems by Sawyer Sprinkler Service
    Superior fire protection - Long and short term business benefits!

    Our Services

    • Consulting & Design

      Sawyer Sprinkler Service will meet your design criteria, protection objectives, and budget requirements. Click this link for more information.

    • Installation & Certification

      Sawyer Sprinkler Service technicians have the experience and certifications to provide fast and efficient installation of your safety system.

    • Backflow Testing & Repair

      Expert knowledge and resources to test, repair and install all types of Backflow assemblies. You can rely on Sawyer Sprinkler Service's experience and expertise to provide the right solution for your needs.

    • System Flushing & Flow Test

      Hydrants are tested and flushed to ensure adequate flow and pressure is available and removal of sediment from the pipes to maintain quality distribution.

    • Custom Pipe Threading & Bending

      Sawyer Sprinkler Service is your source for custom steel fire sprinkler products, meeting all industry standards and compatible with all steel pipe systems.

    • State Certified Inspections

      The majority of fire deaths happen in the home. Residents of your community can benefit from a home fire safety inspection program offered by Sawyer Sprinkler Service.

    • Fire Pump Testing

      A critical need in fire protection which plays an integral role to increasing the water supply pressure within the fire protection system.


    Systems By Sawyer Sprinkler Service

    Fire sprinkler systems are installed in all types of buildings, commercial and residential. They are usually located at ceiling level and are connected to a reliable water source. Typically a sprinkler system operates when heat causes a glass component in the sprinkler head to fail, releasing water from the sprinkler head. Sprinkler systems help to reduce the growth of a fire, increasing life safety and limiting structural damage.



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