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Life Safety Services For Vermont

Sawyer Sprinkler Service is committed to the fire protection of life , home and business.

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Your Safety...Our Goal!

At Sawyer Sprinkler Service, they are one in the same. The safety of your family, home and business is our ultimate goal. When you choose Sawyer Sprinkler Service, your backed by the most highly trained life safety specialists available. Our expertise allows us to develop and customize a repair, maintenance, or installation plan and service that will ensure your protection systems are operating at maximum performance.
In an emergency it is critical to respond immediately. At Sawyer Sprinkler Service, our emergency response team is available 24/7 and stands ready to resolve your needs...from blizzards to power outages, we will be there for you.


Sawyer Sprinkler Service Team

Why are home fire protection systems so important?

Home structure fire loss in the U.S. and the fire spinkler impact.


Our Commitment

Like so many of our clients, protecting our family from life's challenges is our top priority. Our children, grand-children, and grand-parents deserve to live in a secure environment free from danger. While it's true all situations can not be stopped, Sawyer Sprinkler Service offers fire protection services that will save lives and property. We are commited to protecting your family the very same way we protect ours.
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